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Every part you want to find out about HIV

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HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, which belongs to the lentivirus household.

This retrovirus has RNA as its genetic materials. It transcribes DNA, which is a complementary copy of RNA when it enters the cell. New copies of RNA are produced by DNA, which is used as a template.


HIV assaults a person’s immune system. It destroys the cells concerned within the struggle in opposition to any an infection and illness.


In keeping with the World Well being Group, HIV is among the world’s main public well being issues. In keeping with the 2019 survey, 38 million folks (36.2 million adults, 1.8 million youngsters) worldwide have been contaminated with HIV. Daily, new HIV infections are reducing, however at a sluggish fee. In keeping with the survey, it seems that 40% of instances have been lowered worldwide.

HIV will be unfold by the next:

1) In case of contact with an HIV-positive individual throughout unprotected intercourse, switch of blood, semen, and many others.

2) When utilizing the identical needle, an HIV constructive individual was used.

3) Throughout being pregnant, when the mom is a provider of HIV, the probabilities of the newborn being contaminated with the virus are very excessive.

This virus causes a power, sexually transmitted illness, AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), which could be very deadly. It isn’t a congenital illness. AIDS is taken into account the ultimate stage of HIV an infection. No treatment has been found to date. Due to this fact, AIDS sufferers are doomed to die (inside 6 to 10 years). So, within the case of AIDS, scientists solely advocate prevention, and it has been rightly stated that prevention is best than treatment when there is no such thing as a treatment.

The world had the primary case of AIDS in 1981, and up to now 25 years or so it has killed greater than 25 million folks all over the world. In India, the primary case of AIDS was reported in 1986 in Chennai.


AIDS is called a retroviral illness.

The cell-mediated immune system is affected by this illness. The discount of the CD4 cell of T lymphocytes, accountable for the manufacturing of cytokines, chemotactic elements, macrophages and different cells concerned in bodily immunity, has been noticed on this illness.

AIDS will be transmitted by the alternate of blood, semen, vaginal fluid, and many others. by an individual with AIDS, from mom to fetus by the placenta, from mom to toddler by way of colostrum throughout breastfeeding, throughout unprotected intercourse with an contaminated individual, and by sharing needles with the contaminated individual.

There are various misconceptions circulating in society about AIDS, which normally destroy the social lifetime of the affected person. It’s unfold by touching one another, shaking arms, coughing, sneezing, caring for somebody with AIDS, mosquito bites, hugging, sharing meals and kissing.

The actual signs are fever assaults, weight reduction, diarrhea, a number of opportunistic infections (different viral, bacterial, fungal), swollen lymph nodes, neurological problems, and many others.

AIDS will be studied by the ELISA (Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay). On this check we use the peroxidase enzyme and the alkaline phosphatase enzyme. This check is a really fast AIDS diagnostic method. Therefore, it’s primarily used all around the world.


Do not waste your life; keep away from HIV. That is stated as a result of there is no such thing as a treatment but. Therapies can extend the lifetime of an individual with AIDS, however can’t treatment them. Prevention is due to this fact the very best and the one possibility.



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