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Emotional freedom via yoga

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When the climate and the seasons change, we frequently really feel that our physique is reacting. When it is colder outdoors, we really feel extra contained and stiff. When it is hotter, you’re feeling open and versatile. However throughout this time of transition, the place there could also be extra rain or flowers blooming, there could also be power and feelings caught within the coronary heart and hips that want to maneuver! All you want is a yoga mat, bolsters, and a yoga belt to prepare for spring cleansing.

Our hearts are the emotional heart of affection, pleasure, gratitude, and peace. Nonetheless, once we suppress our feelings, they typically get caught within the hips. And once we go on our yoga mat, we really feel it! Listed below are two poses you possibly can attempt to launch your self emotionally right this moment.


Cow face pose


Right here we are going to open the hips and the guts collectively. Begin by folding your left leg beneath your proper in order that the knees are tight collectively in entrance of you. If that is uncomfortable, merely cross your legs or stack your hips on a bolster.

Root your bones sitting within the floor, then attain your proper arm and your left arm again. Seize your fingers behind you or buckle up for assist. Take 5 deep breaths right here, then bend ahead and maintain for an additional 5-10 breaths. Slowly launch and transfer on to the subsequent pose or follow the opposite aspect.

Restorative pose of the pigeon / Eka on Raja Kapotasana


Whereas shifting from Gomukhasana, swing the best leg again and transfer the hips in order that they’re sq. ahead. Ensure that the entrance leg is going through outward in order that the knee is pointing in direction of the entrance left nook of your mat. For a deep and supportive variation, place a bolster beneath your hips and one in entrance of you.

Straighten your again leg and lengthen your backbone whereas inhaling. As you exhale, slowly bend ahead. Drape your torso and head over the bolster and provides it a pleasant hug. Breathe out your entire stress and previous poisonous ideas and emotions. Breathe deeply into your hips. Enable your self to sink and give up on this sustained pigeon pose. Keep 2 minutes.

Lively pose of the pigeon

If you’d like a extra dynamic follow of the pigeon pose, attempt the complete variant. You may at all times use a bolster for assist beneath the hips if wanted. Set the legs in the identical place. This time hold your torso straight and catch your proper foot together with your proper hand. Rotate the arm in order that the elbow is pointing upwards and produce the foot nearer to your head, ultimately coming again with the opposite arm.



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