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Dynamic warm-up for gymnasts

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Over the previous decade, many advances have been made on the planet of energy and conditioning, together with the event of dynamic warm-up routines. Gone are the times of static stretching earlier than a sporting occasion. Earlier than soccer and lacrosse video games, you will note gamers doing a sequence of energetic drills in a straight line, repeating the identical drill 10-20 instances in fixed movement. They’ll progress to quicker workouts in the identical patterns on the court docket. There isn’t a motive why you should not see gymnasts performing the identical routine and coping with the flexibleness calls for of the game, a dynamic warm-up is much more essential for these athletes.

There are a number of phases of warming up a muscle. The primary is the muscle activation part, throughout which a gymnast performs a couple of repetitions of an train that may provoke the contraction of a muscle. This part will not be supposed for reinforcement, therefore the low repetitions. These workouts are examples of a muscle activation train:


SingleLegBridge: This train will activate your glutes and hamstrings. Lie in your again with one knee bent and the opposite leg tight in opposition to your chest. Elevate your butt about 5 to six inches off the ground whereas sustaining a flat again with tight abs. Repeat 5-6 instances on both sides.


Deep squat: Stand with toes slightly wider than shoulder width aside, arms above your head. Squat down along with your buttocks again. The again ought to stay flat when the shoulders come ahead. Place the palms on the bottom, then attain one as much as the sky and rotate it in direction of that hand. Attain for the alternative hand. Repeat the sequence 3-4 instances

The following part is the muscle mobility part, which begins to introduce dynamic stretching right into a muscle and begins to extend the temperature of the muscle tissue. Right here is an instance of a muscle mobility train:

Dynamic Supine Hamstring Stretch: Lie in your again, arms at sides and legs straight. Protecting your again flat and abs tight, elevate one straight leg into the air, then decrease it at a average velocity. If it is extra comfy, bend the alternative knee. Solely elevate your leg to a snug degree and do not let your again arch off the bottom. Repeat 5-6 instances on both sides. You can too elevate the leg up, then deliver it barely to the aspect about 10-12 inches and again inward 5-6 instances. Don’t permit the torso to rotate or the hip to elevate off the bottom. Skip this final step in case you have hip issues.


The following part of a dynamic warm-up is the touring mobility part. On this part, a gymnast makes use of an space of ​​roughly 15 meters, including constant motion to the workouts. Muscle temperature rises and every muscle warms up over its complete vary of movement. Listed here are some examples of itinerant mobility workouts:

Quadriceps stretches: Get up straight and bend your knee to deliver your heel in direction of your buttocks, protecting your legs parallel to one another. Take your foot with the hand on the identical aspect, maintain for about 3 seconds, then decrease the leg. Stroll ahead about 2 toes and repeat with the opposite aspect. Really feel a stretch in entrance of your thigh. Proceed the gap of 15 meters. If you come again in the wrong way, you may stretch the entrance of your hip by leaning ahead and increasing the alternative hand ahead. Maintain the place for about 3 seconds. Proceed the gap of 15 meters.

Inchworm: This can be a hamstring stretch for the again of the thigh. Lean down to achieve your palms on the bottom, then transfer your palms ahead so far as doable. Preserve a flat again. Subsequent, step your toes ahead along with your knees straight as near your palms as doable. Don’t be concerned if you cannot deliver your toes as much as your palms. It can enhance with apply. Repeat twice for the gap of 15 meters.

The ultimate part of a dynamic warm-up is dynamic mobility, during which a gymnast makes use of the identical 15-meter house to carry out speedy motion workouts resembling excessive knee runs, aspect runs and aspect jumps, which is able to elevate physique temperature utterly to the place it must be to carry out on the ice.



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