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Dry pores and skin? Do this Uncooked Fats and Lubricant Each day Weight-reduction plan and Life Routine

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Individuals with dry pores and skin rely upon their lotions. Though labeled “pure”, these are exterior kludges and can find yourself hurting in the long term. Lubricating and hydrating the physique isn’t what individuals conventionally anticipate. For this reason individuals hold getting sick. This suggestion is a conglomeration of what I’ve realized from expertise and from experimenting with the teachings of Aajonus Vonderplanitz in his 2 books.

First, the problem of water. Ingesting loads of water is not going to trigger you to be hydrated. In actual fact, keep away from consuming water in addition to taking a shower … bathe each different day or so. It is grease, grease, grease and extra grease that ought to lubricate you, quench your thirst, and energize you and will nourish you from inside and offer you moisture.


After all, to have fats to your physique to make use of, you could have carried out liver flushes to rid your liver of stones and particles. And you need to feed your liver with uncooked meat protein and zucchini in Bieler’s soup. A day by day hunt for egg yolk from the liver within the morning, a day by day Bieler soup and in 1 week or extra your digestive system will likely be on-line. After all, earlier than any liver flushing, chances are you’ll have to carry out a colon cleanse. And after rinsing the liver, chances are you’ll have to cleanse the kidneys with avocado tea or simply ingest watermelons if it is in season.


Now suppose your liver and digestive system are working for you, we are able to proceed with the day by day fats lubrication routine:

* Get up to 2 uncooked eggs, eat all of it, not simply the yolk

* 2 hours later recent uncooked coconut meat

* 2 hours later uncooked and recent fatty beef, say 1 / 4 of the quantity is visually stay again fats or bone marrow, higher you probably have the cash. Uncooked tuna or uncooked blue marlin for selection. Eat a minimum of 1/2 kilogram (1.1 kilos) of uncooked meat per day.


* 2 hours later ripe avocados (avocados are in season now)

Repeat the method all through the day. In case you are very thirsty, get some recent watermelon to quench your thirst, however in case you are happy with the fats, the higher.

Keep away from olive oil, as a result of on this case olive oil causes dry pores and skin. That is why I counsel you do egg yolk scorching flashes.

The trick is to saturate your physique with loads of fats and animal meat. When you can afford it, the extra uncooked fatty animals the higher. No meals mixture. House every meals 2 hours in between.

For the life-style, cease brushing your tooth. Draw oil. I’ve good success with virgin coconut oil. Make 20 minutes every oil pulling within the morning, midday and night. It takes time, however you simply need to do it. As you are feeling your pores and skin getting hydrated from the within out, you can begin utilizing your kludge lotions much less and fewer. The trail to wellness is dependent upon your elimination of all chemical inputs, whether or not ingested or positioned in your pores and skin.

You may attempt placing very ripe avocado flesh in your pores and skin as an alternative of lotion. Avocado meat is a historic magnificence agent for the pores and skin. Uncooked fats cleans, uncooked fats is nourishing, uncooked fats is lubricating. All hail uncooked fats. Principally uncooked animal fats. Scrumptious good.

Make the changes as you see match.



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