We frequently see phrases like all pure, 100% pure, pure coloration, pure taste, pure substances and pure antioxidants as indications of wholesome meals. The alternative is true after we learn one thing like a man-made taste, a man-made meals coloring, an artificial chemical that we all the time see in a detrimental sense as indicators of an unhealthy meals. Nonetheless, pure does NOT all the time imply secure, and man-made does NOT imply poisonous. However how about artificially coloured wholesome dried fruits?

The fundamental precept of toxicology developed by Paracelsus centuries in the past states: All substances are poisons; there may be none that isn’t poison. The precise dose solely differentiates the poison from a treatment. This revealing assertion helps to grasp why moderation consuming is so necessary for everybody, no matter the kind of meals eaten. However how can the ingestion of meals colours be managed if producers hold the quantities added secret? That’s the reason I began to detect and analytically publish the meals coloring content material of many common meals and drinks.

I knew that past numerous sodas and candies, synthetic meals colours are additionally added to chewing gums, pickles, some mustards, and even recent salmon. Do you know that the azo dye Citrus Crimson No. 2 banned as a suspected carcinogen remains to be used beneath FDA approval for coloring orange peels? What if a mother decides to make candied orange peels after which give them her cute infants? I additionally knew it. However I’d by no means think about discovering a staggering quantity of synthetic colours added to a dried fruit.

Sure they add yellow 5 and yellow 6 to enhance the dried papaya! In a container of SunTree Papaya Chunk bought at a Wal-Mart retailer, the next meals colours had been detected by Vis spectroscopy:

  • 140 mg / field of FD&C Yellow 5 and
  • 130 mg / field of FD&C Yellow 6

The full of 270 mg of azo dyes is numerous chemical compounds which haven’t any optimistic biochemical function within the human physique. The mixed quantity of yolk 5 and yolk 6 detected within the farmer’s fruit combine produced by Waymouth Farms was 66 mg per 12 OZ (340 g) container. Once more, the factitious colours got here solely from the items of papaya and mango whereas the cranberries, apples, raisins and different fruits in the identical container had been discovered to be clear.

To keep away from publicity to synthetic meals colours, you may type the papaya and mango items and eat the remaining. Curiously, for some motive, they do not add synthetic colours to dried fruits aside from papaya and mango: yellow 5 and yellow 6 usually are not listed on the labels of dried apricots, cranberries, blueberries. , pineapples, and many others., which might be bought individually. The advice would subsequently be to learn the ingredient lists rigorously. This little work may prevent from losing your cash on artificially dyed dried fruits.


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