Fibromyalgia is usually missed or misdiagnosed for numerous causes. There are not any definitive blood assessments or x-rays to diagnose fibromyalgia and it shares signs with many different ailments and circumstances.

Diagnosing fibromyalgia is a mixture of taking the affected person’s symptom historical past, a bodily examination testing the affected person’s set off factors, and exclusion.

At present I’ll deal with the exclusion a part of the analysis of fibromyalgia. Typically persons are recognized with fibromyalgia as a result of their physician has didn’t run the assessments essential to find a unique and presumably severe illness.

If you’re feeling unwell and have quite a lot of signs frequent to fibromyalgia, you will note your physician.

After taking your historical past, your physician will wish to run assessments to start out ruling out ailments.

What ailments and circumstances ought to your physician check for when diagnosing fibromyalgia?

The next ailments and circumstances share a number of the signs of fibromyalgia and ought to be excluded. Typically medical doctors who aren’t as conversant in fibromyalgia fail rule out a few of these severe and life-threatening circumstances. As a affected person, you have got each proper to have your physician check you for the entire following:


Simply examined with a blood check

Power fatigue syndrome

There’s at the moment no blood check for this illness, however they just lately came upon that CFS is attributable to an autoimmune virus and I believe there will probably be a blood check developing. Speak to your physician about power fatigue syndrome.

Hepititis B and C

Simply examined with a blood check

Lyme illness

Docs typically overlook Lyme illness and don’t check for it. That is an oversight on their half and you must ask to be examined.


There isn’t any definitive check for lupus, however your physician ought to carry out an ANTI-NUCLEAR ANTI-BODY check. If in case you have excessive autoimmune exercise in your blood (a trait of lupus), this check will detect it.

A number of sclerosis

MS can be troublesome to diagnose, however they use MRI to check for MS. Though you should not run away and have an MRI scan simply but, discuss to your physician about a number of sclerosis.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Simply examined with a blood check

Sjogrens autoimmune dysfunction

Simply examined with a blood check

Thyroid illness

Most medical doctors solely check your thyroid with a THYROID STIMULATING HORMONE check. Nonetheless, you may need a thyroid drawback even when your thyroid is functioning correctly – I do! Fibromyalgia Sufferers typically have thyroid issues along side fibromyalgia, so thorough testing is a should. Ask your physician to carry out the next assessments:


T3 and T4



Different blood assessments your physician ought to do for a analysis of fibromyalgia:

CBC: Verify your full blood depend. Search for issues equivalent to anemia and different diseases.

COMPLETE METABOLIC PANEL: Exams your kidney, liver and basic well being.

HEME PROFILE + ELECT DIFF: Verify for uncommon exercise in your white or crimson blood cells.

FOLATE: If not included in your CBC, examine your folate ranges.

SEDIMENTATION RATE: Checks for irritation in your physique

ELECTROPHORESIS PROTEIN SERUM:Exams for autoimmune ailments

VITAMIN B12:Verify your B12 ranges if it is not in your CBC.

VITAMIN D: Verify your D ranges. Vitamin D is Vitamin Sunshine. Ask your physician to carry out the vitamin D check which checks each your D3 and D2 ranges. It is a scorching subject as scientists re-evaluate what they beforehand believed. Analysis exhibits that despite the fact that your mixed D degree is inside the regular vary, your D3 and D2 ranges could also be individually low and that may very well be an issue. (My D2 sucks).


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