Yoga is of Indian origin. Its historical past dates again to the pre-Vedic period. The 4 Vedas are the oldest texts in India. Yoga has been discovered talked about within the Vedas, implying that its historical past is older than the Vedas. In these days it was a assist for non secular upliftment. After reviewing earlier yogic treatises, yogic kriyas (strategies) have been used for self-improvement and never for well being enchancment.

Yoga is now practiced all around the world. It’s used as a bodily train system. To fight psychosomatic sicknesses like stress, melancholy, hypertension and different well being associated sicknesses, yogic kriyas are used. When categorizing web sites, we see that Yoga is a subcategory beneath the Well being & Health class. Clearly it has turn out to be a well being matter. However this isn’t a well being matter. Its dimension is extra. To know this dimension and get the utmost profit from yogic kriyas, it have to be discovered from the angle of historical yoga treatises. For this particular goal, one should be taught the classical treatises of yoga.

Yoga was taught by gurus in historical India with no consideration or with modest consideration which was inexpensive to college students of that point. An inexpensive quantity for the scholar has been accepted by the gurus. The quantity or Guru Thatchana (the quantity given by the scholar) was determined by the scholar and never by the gurus. Cash was not the motive on the time.

The system of Guru-Sysya (Grasp-disciple) has been altered now. It has turn out to be a profitable enterprise nowadays. Yoga has been institutionalized, which was not the case earlier than. The pinnacle of the institute is the Guru and he won’t ever go on the information he possesses. It’s going to make use of lecturers who will partially grasp the topic. So, the scholars won’t get full information. Subsequently, true information has been caught with somebody who won’t switch it for some purpose or one other.

Yoga treatises are on the origin of all yoga. The fashionable guru selects one or among the strategies from the traditional yogic treatises and modifies it barely and offers a brand new identify. He’ll use this identify for a patent. That is how there are such a lot of manufacturers of yoga obtainable and so many institutes market these manufacturers. Information belongs to the smart males of outdated, and yoga institutes promote it as their product.

If you’re keen to make an effort to accumulate this information by studying these treatises from historical instances, you might properly keep away from these intermediaries. No up to date guru attracts his information from his personal analysis. If he ever does any analysis, these findings are linked to the advantages of doing a kriya from the sooner instances. There are hundreds and hundreds of yoga strategies obtainable within the scriptures. Life just isn’t sufficient to be taught and observe all of them. By studying them by the scriptures, we may perceive them, determine them with the manufacturers of yoga obtainable, and observe a number of which can be proper for us. Subsequently, scripture research is required for anybody contemplating working towards yoga.

Now we clearly know that learning the Yogic scriptures will convey us two main advantages.

  1. We will perceive yoga in a bigger dimension to realize full advantages.

  2. We be taught yoga straight from the scriptures with out intermediaries.


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