Ten years in the past, San Diego hosted the Superbowl, an occasion that glorifies soccer, America’s most revolutionary sport. Because the Denver Broncos and Inexperienced Bay Packers ready for a bodily battle, worldwide workers from Sydney, Australia’s Clairvision Faculty, held workshops in La Jolla to facilitate non secular therapeutic for contributors.

Within the early Eighties, when a younger physician in France, Dr Samuel Sagan (unrelated to Carl), used regression to deal with his most cussed circumstances. Though in contrast to what he had studied in medical faculty, the methods labored. Dr Sagan turned his consideration to the non secular area and subsequently fashioned Clairvision, a college of meditation and spirituality, in Australia. The primary emphasis of the college is to open the non secular imaginative and prescient of the pupil, nourishing “a brand new ‘organ’ of sight, the third eye”.

Clairvision affords a program of a number of processes designed to discover and rework consciousness. Some subjects showing on the Clairvision program are therapeutic, stress administration, supramental methods on methods to develop intelligence and sexual and energetic consciousness. In January, academics imported two of the quickest obtainable therapeutic modalities in San Diego, “Awakening the Third Eye” and “ISIS Regression”.

“Awakening the Third Eye” is a scientific technique for awakening the third eye and initiating non secular seeing. As Dr Sagan writes within the introduction to his guide of the identical title, his intention is to share these Third Eye methods with “those that can’t be glad with an mental understanding of non secular realities and who want to entry the direct expertise. “

He provides, “The extra you’ll be able to let go of preconceptions, the simpler it is going to be to ‘see’ … Despite the fact that many extrasensory perceptions will come up as you follow the methods, the objective is clearly to seek out the Self and be taught to seeing the world from the Self as a substitute of seeing it out of your traditional psychological consciousness. He emphasizes that Clairvision methods are based mostly on a ‘direct awakening of the power physique’, and don’t use channeling, inventive creativeness, constructive affirmations, hypnosis or autosuggestion.

“ISIS” – Inside House Interactive Sourcing – is an intensive technique of regression remedy with a non secular focus. It employs the woke up third eye and the assistance of a “connector” which focuses its power to facilitate the journey of the “regressed”. The four-day San Diego workshops had been abbreviated variations of a long-term coaching course provided at Clairvision Faculty in Sydney via which contributors can change into skilled ISIS therapists, in addition to implement the approach. with out assist.

Regression has lengthy been used as a way in psychotherapy. What’s attention-grabbing about ISIS is that it employs each psychotherapeutic and metaphysical dimensions. In keeping with a Clairvision course description, the important traits of ISIS, a “gateway to the Self” are:

* It’s a technique of self-discovery and transformation permitting to achieve an unprecedented degree of depth within the psyche;

* It reveals elements of the Self which have by no means been suspected, opening up untapped potential and sources of inspiration and creativity;

* I It results in the supply of deep-rooted emotional fees and traumas, whereas permitting a secure launch from these blockages;

* It permits the invention of previous, current and future power patterns within the particular person psyche;

* It’s a very efficient technique of power balancing;

* It really works via stimulation of the third eye and a notion of internal house.

ISIS college students – together with contributors from San Diego – skilled a variety of advantages, together with:

* Improved psychological readability and emotional stability;

* Elevated freedom from anxiousness and stress-related issues;

* Decision of inner conflicts;

* Rediscovery of his spontaneity;

* A deep degree of self-healing via reconnection with one’s true nature;

* A rising sense of self-knowledge;

* An awakening of non secular imaginative and prescient.

In his guide, Regression, Previous-Life Remedy for Right here and Now Freedom, Dr Sagan states that “even within the early periods it isn’t unusual to expertise flashbacks that can not be linked to any expertise on this life, however are accompanied by a deep feeling and an internal certainty that they confer with your self. Therefore the title “previous life remedy” is usually given to regression. “

He factors out that you do not have to imagine in previous lives or anything to learn from regression, and that certainly “the much less beliefs you carry, the extra doubtless you might be to achieve success. as a result of beliefs generate expectations which are likely to distort the purity of experiences. Among the flashbacks through the regression are extraordinarily clear and go away the consumer in little doubt as to their actuality. But what issues about experiences of regression shouldn’t be whether or not they come from previous lives, however what kind of enchancment they will make in your current.

The lesson in regression is to brazenly discover what Dr. Sagan calls the “taste of the Self,” a way of 1’s personal continuity over time, and to use his findings to the right here and now. Because the physician says, “Daesh goals to disclose your true nature and cares little about who you have got been.”

After finishing up their Third Eye and ISIS work in Australia for over a decade, the Clairvision workforce felt the time had come to share their data with Individuals. They wished to indicate us how the methods could be utilized as a pure system in itself, in addition to built-in into different professions. In 1997 Clairvision introduced a workshop in North Carolina, which was so nicely attended and obtained, that they got here to California a yr later to current one other workshop (partially sponsored by Earth Power Merchandise of San Diego) that includes that includes the ISIS regression approach which relies on three primary rules:

1. the interior house of the third eye, accessible via the world between the eyebrows;

2. Interplay between two individuals – the “consumer” lies down and experiences the regression expertise, whereas the “connector” is close by and screens power through the session;

3. A scientific seek for the supply of any emotional imprints or “scars” and behavioral conditioning.

As a participant within the San Diego Workshop on Third Eye Awakening and ISIS Regression, I can inform you that whereas systematic methods are easy to implement, whoever has been concerned in a non secular course of , like yoga, meditation or bodywork, will discover the methods nearly “second nature”. My fellow contributors and I felt that there was extra therapeutic worth within the regression work happening over a number of days, versus a one-time session.

As we labored in groups of two and generally three, it was helpful to “change companions” and expertise completely different energies. Throughout my most memorable “journey” as a consumer, my two Connectors and I shared a deep and highly effective power alternate that might finest be described as tantric, ecstatic.

We had all reached a spiritually vibrant vacation spot that I wish to assume will sometime be as accessible to everybody because the Superbowl.

Clairvision instructors current Third Eye Awakening and ISIS workshops around the globe. Go to the Clairvision web site to be taught extra.


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