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Calculation of the buoyancy issue and its software

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The buoyancy issue is the issue used to compensate for weight reduction as a result of immersion within the drilling fluid.

Earlier than explaining additional, it is rather essential to elucidate the essential idea of buoyancy. Buoyancy is the upward pressure that retains issues afloat. The online upward buoyancy pressure is the same as the quantity of weight of fluid displaced by physique quantity. This pressure will make objects lighter when immersed in a fluid. For now, we really feel lighter after we are in a pool as a result of it’s the impact of buoyancy.


calculate the buoyancy issue.


The formulation beneath present methods to decide this issue.

Buoyancy issue (BF) = (65.5 – density of mud in kilos per gallon (ppg)) ÷ 65.5

For instance, if the burden of the drilling fluid is 13.0 kilos per gallon (ppg), in line with the above equation, the issue might be calculated by merely getting into the burden density of the mud into the equation.

BF = (65.5 – 13.0) ÷ 65.5

BF = 0.8015

use the buoyancy issue.


With a purpose to decide the precise weight of the drill string within the mud, the burden of the air within the drill string multiplied by the buoyancy issue equal to the precise weight of the drill string, referred to as the float weight, within the drilling fluid. The easy equation exhibits the connection of the particular weight within the drilling fluid.

Precise weight = drill string air weight x BF

If the burden in air of a drill string is 350 kilograms kilos (klb), we will use this relationship to find out the burden of the string in 13.0 ppg of drilling fluid. The float weight of the drill string in 13.0 ppg of mud equals 350 x 0.8015 (280.5 klb).

In accordance with the calculation, when a drill string is immersed in a drilling fluid, its weight decreases by nearly 20%. Subsequently, it is rather essential that each personnel engaged on the drilling websites can calculate the buoyancy issue with the intention to perceive how the burden of the mud impacts the whole weight of the chain in a nicely bore.



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