Build A Personal Training Career With Leverage


Do you want a personal training career that really pays? Most personal fitness trainers simple don’t know how to plan a personal training business that will yield wealth. Is it possible? Yes, if you understand one simple word, leverage.

Most fitness trainers go into their personal training careers with an intent to educate. They are passionate to teach. That is all fine and dandy if you want to make a teachers salary. What physical fitness trainers really need to understand is basic fitness business principles in order to create leverage.

Most fitness professionals simply trade time for money. This important point is not really taught in most personal training courses. All you have is your time. When you are working by yourself, training people one on one, your sole asset is your valuable time. How many physical training sessions can you conduct in a day? The answer to that question will constitute your income. Your income is capped by the number of sessions you can personally conduct in your business, and the amount you charge for your services.

However, what if you educate yourself, and apply leverage in your personal training career? Your income is now not finite, but can be infinite.

What exactly is leverage? Leverage is setting yourself up to achieve financial gain without actually being present to doing the work. It is the opposite of trading time for money. Some personal trainers call it residual income.

Here are a few ideas on how to leverage your personal training business into a 24 hour income producing machine.

1. Hire other trainers. If you hire other personal fitness trainers to do the work, and you take a percentage of the session, you are leveraging your personal trainer career. Money is being made, and you are not doing the work.

2. Offer equipment consulting. Add another fitness profit center by charging for the consulting on fitness equipment. You can also earn residual income on the back end of equipment purchases.

3. Create an information product. You can also incorporate information products into your personal training career. You create it once, and continue to sell it time, and time again. A great way to market fitness related information products is through digital online distribution.

4. Online fitness training. This is another stream of income you can incorporate into your fitness training career. While you are consulting with clients one on one, people online are paying you money for your fitness knowledge.

These are just a few examples of how you can leverage your personal training business. Having multiple profit centers or different streams of income can immediately send your personal training career into profit overdrive.

Source by Jim O’Connor


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