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Child bibs and rotating towels

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Stroll into any division retailer and go to the child part or store on-line and offline child shops and you will discover an enormous vary of child bibs and burp cloths to select from.

A technology or two in the past, fundamental towels did the trick. Our mother and father used a pile of towels that they washed and reused to wipe their infants’ slime, sputum and slime.


As I keep in mind, wallowing in some nostalgic reminiscences of the previous, it’s clear that rather a lot has modified since then; good or dangerous will seemingly spark a debate with legitimate factors supporting each side of the equation.


That mentioned, this text will spotlight the choices out there to all mother and father and put them in perspective. Who’re we to do that? We’re a crew of oldsters of various races; faith and tradition which has determined that every one mother and father, particularly mothers, face comparable challenges with their respective infants, no matter our numerous backgrounds.

After an extended expertise of research-buy-test of bib searching, we’ve come to sure conclusions and want to share our opinions with all mother and father involved about making the very best decisions for his or her infants.

So, let’s discuss burping bibs and rags, will you?

Bibs earlier than beginning the solids

There’s one factor that appears very clear to us.

From beginning to breast milk or method, most infants undergo from some type of drooling, drooling and / or regurgitation. At this level, the bibs needs to be massive sufficient to cowl most child’s garments and absorbent sufficient to face up to the standard drooling and spitting up.

Essentially the most helpful burp bibs and cloths throughout this step have many names, i.e. burp, slobber, dribble, plain terry fabric bibs, sleeved bandana, novelty, and scarf or kerchief bibs.

Had been these names created on account of a sensible advertising and marketing technique? Perhaps, however to be truthful, infants are distinctive of their individualistic and pure expressions, with some infants having extreme regurgitation and burping whereas others may undergo from huge drooling in the course of the teething phases.

That is how sub-niche classes are created giving rise to

  • bibs and bibs for teething infants,
  • burping cloths for extreme burping and regurgitation,
  • Bibs with sleeves to utterly cowl child’s garments from stains or regurgitation along with safety throughout playtime with colours and paints.
  • Fancy bandana and bibs that may cope with fundamental drooling and dribbling regardless of the dimensions limitation as a result of aesthetic designs to match or complement child’s garments.
  • Scarf or scarf bibs that principally operate as winter heaters for infants comfortably overlaying the neck and decrease chin whereas combating drooling and dribbling

Infants who spit and drool reasonably want easy terry fabric bibs at a minimal. Infants who drool or regurgitate rather a lot may have bibs produced from waterproof 2 or 3 ply supplies.

Drool / dribble and burp bibs usually look the identical with solely variations in materials, dimension, and neckband sorts.

Virtually all terry fabric bibs are produced from: –

  • Cotton which is actually smooth, refreshing and cozy and is helpful for reasonably drooling and burping.
  • Polyester which is extra absorbent than cotton. What is actually exceptional is the truth that polyester is proof against wrinkles, shrinkage and fading, which makes it last more. The draw back is that it loses its cooling impact, which makes it hotter than cotton.
  • PEVA (Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate) which is a biodegradable, chlorine-free, PVC-free materials primarily used as a substitute for PVC in toy merchandise, child bibs and bathe curtains. It will be important for folks to know that PEVA is produced from petrochemicals that comprise untested chemical compounds.
  • Or mixture of two or 3 of the above talked about supplies

Most neck straps have Velcro or Snap closure.

  • Velcro generally will get caught with different supplies when washing (scratchy half)
  • Infants’ necks are typically irritated by the Velcro, which generally results in rashes.
  • Poor high quality velcro could be eliminated fairly simply by infants
  • Significantly better if the zipper is on the facet as a substitute of the nape of infants

Though the snap closure is most well-liked, a easy trick is to safe each ends of a Velcro closure precisely with none overlap and most issues could be minimized.

Choosing a child bib in the beginning needs to be primarily based on the sensitivity / situation of the infants’ pores and skin and the quantity of regurgitation and drooling. If you’d like probably the most absorbent bib, polyester is the really helpful materials, particularly for those who reside in a cooler surroundings. The opposite choice is to discover a 2-3 ply waterproof materials sandwiched between 100% cotton layers.

Bibs after the solids have left

Nonetheless, as soon as infants begin to eat strong meals, normally round 6 months of age, feeding bibs grow to be extra functionally helpful. There are producers who declare that the identical drool, dribble, and burp bibs can meet the wants of a child beginning out Solids. Nonetheless, we do NOT agree.

There are 3 downsides to even good waterproof terry fabric bibs.

  1. Stains simply

  2. Hundreds and a great deal of bib linen, waste of time and water

  3. Uneconomical as a result of it’s important to proceed to refill on cloth bibs

Essentially the most useful, economical and laundry load saving bibs are child bibs manufactured from meals grade, smooth and prime quality silicone. The rationale we concentrate on phrases like “premium prime quality smooth medical meals grade” is as a result of the child feeding bib market has been saturated with inflexible bibs manufactured from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) “plastic -ky ”additionally claiming to be smooth, meals grade bibs.

Sadly, the photographs look the identical and it’s a problem for many mother and father to identify the variations. Nonetheless, we’ve taken the mandatory steps to teach mother and father on what these variations are and how one can spot them.

We begin by figuring out the commonest silicone bibs in the marketplace, additionally claiming to be meals grade …

  • TPE silicone feeding bibs with plastic neck strap (most typical)
  • 100% meals grade smooth silicone bib (together with silicone neck strap

TPE Silicone Feeding Bib

  • The vast majority of silicone child bibs that may be present in most main offline shops and on-line e-commerce platforms are manufactured from plastic or TPE marketed as meals grade silicone.
  • Please be aware that TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer. Whereas usually thought-about protected, TPE means it is sizzling soften vinyl that incorporates all types of nasty components that may be absorbed into your pores and skin.
  • TPE is an unstable materials that may soften if overheated with various factors. As well as, TPE bibs could cause an allergic response on contact with the floor of infants’ pores and skin, particularly when sweating or in sizzling climate and in very humid areas.

100% premium meals grade smooth silicone bibs

  1. 100% medical meals grade silicone bibs are a very protected inert materials that should endure and move exact and meticulous testing to qualify as medical meals grade. There’s completely no comparability between TPE bibs and meals grade 100% medical silicone bibs on the subject of well being dangers and sturdiness.
  2. Silicone rubber is mostly non-reactive, secure and proof against excessive environments and temperatures whereas retaining its helpful properties.
  3. Many opponents make comparable claims, however their child bib has a skin-irritating plastic or Velcro strap or closure with a restricted neck dimension.
  4. The medical meals grade silicone neck strap is adjustable sufficient with a 4 place clip to suit infants’ neck dimension.
  5. It needs to be famous that infants and toddlers generally generally tend to choose up the strap or tie and put it of their mouth out of sheer curiosity, which makes frequent TPE and plastic bibs dangerous.
  6. Protruding Pocket – Since most bib pockets lie flat when worn, so it’s tough to catch beverage spills and meals crumbs, 100% meals grade silicone bibs have a pocket barely protruding that protrudes mechanically, making them far more environment friendly of their rubbish assortment performance.

In conclusion, it’s clear that the majority waterproof terry fabric bibs with a 2-3 ply polyester and / or cotton combo ought to meet the wants of infants within the first 6 months to beat drooling, burping and regurgitation. Nonetheless, as soon as child has began to feed, the most cost effective and best selection is to go for premium medical meals grade silicone bibs which might be a lot bigger in total dimension, pocket width. and the feel of the fabric is far more smooth and pliable. The distinction is large.



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