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Anti-Gravity Expertise – We Can Reap the Advantages Right this moment

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Once you hear the time period “anti-gravity know-how,” many individuals conjure up photographs of Buck Rogers and Jetsons flying within the sky.

Or perhaps you consider NASA and the area program, with astronauts studying to cope with zero gravity on the moon?


Nonetheless, anti-gravity know-how isn’t a science of the longer term. That is one thing we will profit from proper now.


Anti-gravity know-how gives assist to deal with immediately’s busy lives

“Anti gravity” means in opposition to or against gravity.

What this implies to us is that there’s know-how immediately that may assist us cope with the aches, pains, and rigors of on a regular basis life which might be made worse by gravity.

For instance, do your ft damage once you come house at night time since you’ve been there all day? Do you’ve gotten again ache from repetitive actions or stress? Do you expertise ache resulting from stress and muscle rigidity?

This cutting-edge know-how permits us to reap the benefits of the improvements of recent science. We will use know-how to scale back the wear and tear and tear and stress on muscle mass and joints throughout our every day actions.

Anti-gravity know-how sneakers

One of many foremost benefits of this know-how is the anti-gravity shoe. These sneakers aren’t NASA-like tools that makes you weightless, however they’re sneakers designed to scale back put on and stress on the ft, muscle mass and joints.

Those that undergo from plantar fasciitis have discovered specific advantages of this new shoe know-how.

Many sneakers that use this know-how even have springs constructed into the heel, which reduces the affect on the heel once you take a step.

Think about a trampoline. Once you leap on the trampoline, the tramp absorbs the power of the downward affect as you descend. Then the tramp gives a power of upward motion to propel you upward. This identical know-how is the premise of anti-gravity sneakers.

These sneakers are designed to melt the affect of every downward step, so the spring absorbs – and softens – the affect of your heel hitting the bottom. Then the spring gives upward propelling power, actually “pushing” your heel off the bottom.

Many who’ve suffered from plantar fasciitis heel ache have discovered reduction with sneakers utilizing this know-how.

Anti-gravity know-how sneakers can be found for each women and men, though sneakers for girls are simpler to seek out. The costs for any such shoe vary from $ 40 to $ 200.

Anti-gravity know-how inversion tables and boots

One other technological innovation is inversion tables and boots.


These things will let you cling the other way up, or a minimum of at an inverted angle, which relieves again and joint ache and reduces stress on the muscle mass.

As we age, gravity works in opposition to us, pulling on our spines and stressing our muscle mass, joints and vertebrae.

That is the rationale why Grandma is now a lot shorter than she was as a woman, as a result of gravity actually pulled her backbone downward, compressing the discs and vertebrae.

Anti-gravity know-how inversion tables and boots allow you to cling along with your ft up, relieving stress on compressed discs and vertebrae and permitting the backbone to stretch.

It will not utterly reverse the results of growing old, however for those who undergo from persistent again ache, you could wish to take into account an inversion desk. My husband has one and finds it actually helps him cope along with his again ache. It has a bulging disc and hanging from the inversion desk permits the disc to snap again into place between the vertebrae.

Many individuals swear by their inversion tables for again ache reduction.

An inversion desk may be bought for as little as $ 100 (Kmart and Walmart each have a easy desk for this value), or you’ll be able to spend as much as a number of hundred {dollars} if you need.

Treadmill and chairs

Present know-how consists of chairs and treadmills which additionally assist scale back the stress of on a regular basis life.

The chairs resemble fashionable recliners and permit the person to lean again, elevating their ft above their coronary heart. The sort of recliner reduces stress on the backbone, improves circulation and relieves muscle rigidity.

Some anti-gravity chairs additionally supply a stimulating therapeutic massage.

The costs for any such stress-free recliner vary from $ 300 to $ 500.

Anti-gravity treadmills have been designed to assist with working and jogging. The treadmill truly lifts the runner off their hips, very like sitting on a child’s swing with their legs hanging beneath. The treadmill permits the jogger to run, however retains most of their weight on their legs.

A lot of these treadmills are extraordinarily costly and the costs can vary from $ 50,000 to $ 75,000. Skilled athletes usually use this treadmill as a result of it reduces stress on the legs and joints.

As you’ll be able to see, we do not have to attend for the longer term to reap the advantages of anti-gravity know-how!



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