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Anti-aging – The pure strategy to a youthful and longer life

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How would you prefer to spend your final years? Do you wish to be in a retirement residence, completely depending on others? Or would you prefer to journey the world, snowboarding within the winter, enjoying golf in the summertime, and customarily having fun with the various advantages of a powerful, youthful physique into the seventies, eighties and past?

The selection is obvious. Luckily, medical science is now discovering how and why the human physique ages.


Scientists have discovered, for instance, that the fast decline within the launch of human development hormone (HGH) within the physique after fifty years results in quicker getting older.


Researchers have additionally found that our cells renew themselves by division. Solely this occurs a restricted variety of instances. Each time a cell divides, a tiny fraction of the DNA is misplaced.

It’s attention-grabbing to notice that sure components affect this lack of DNA “info”. Homocysteine ​​is certainly one of them. Homocysteine ​​is an amino acid that builds up in tissue extra shortly as you grow old.

Analysis has proven that prime homocysteine ​​tripled the quantity of DNA chromosome size that’s misplaced throughout cell division. This triples the speed at which your physique ages.

So how can we get extra of what we’d like (HGH) and fewer of what we do not (homocysteine)? After all, there are synthetic stimulants for the previous or inhibitors for the latter. The long run results of those synthetic means are unpredictable and never definitely worth the danger.

Then again, you may naturally and successfully obtain related results by implementing just a few life-style modifications. Right here you’re:

1. Food regimen.

Calorie restriction is probably the most documented and scientifically validated life extension resolution. The issue is, consuming 20% ​​much less meals than you want is just not solely irritating, it makes life longer pointless. The excellent news is that short-term periodic fasting has additionally been discovered to have related results with a calorie restriction weight loss program all through life.

The standard of the meals can be a problem. Natural meals are richer in vitamins and fewer of a stressor for the physique (eg, rising homocysteine). Consuming much less however of higher high quality appears to be the answer right here. Taking dietary supplements like vitamin B12 and folic acid has additionally been documented to cut back homocysteine ​​ranges.


Diets excessive in protein are the best in rising the quantity of HGH ranges. While you eat giant quantities of protein, your HGH ranges really improve. It is a slight rise, however nonetheless efficient.

2. Train

Strenuous train is confirmed to extend HGH blood serum ranges in your physique. Resistance coaching, like heavy squats and lifeless lifts which you could’t do greater than 8-10 reps, is best. It would additionally profit your physique by rising muscle mass and power, thereby offering higher help to your bones and signaling your physique to preserve bone mass (double hit for folks susceptible to osteoporosis).

3. Cut back psychological stress

As you grow old, it turns into increasingly apparent that your most necessary organ is your mind. Dwelling an extended life with out having the ability to keep in mind your age or who you’re is pointless.

Crucial factor you might want to do to maintain your mind wholesome and your thoughts sharp is to keep away from extreme stress. When you find yourself careworn, your physique produces a hormone referred to as cortisol. Cortisol on the physiological stage really kills and deactivates cells in your mind.

Meditation is the proper exercise to your mind. Meditation is documented to dramatically cut back stress by rising the discharge of the “good temper” neurotransmitter serotonin. It additionally creates the identical mind wave patterns as throughout deep sleep when HGH is launched in your physique. It is a double profit for you: much less stress and extra HGH. No “brainer” right here.

There are simple methods to implement these modifications in your life with minor impression in your day by day routine. Simply in case you wish to get … youthful.



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