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Acupuncture meridians and terrestrial spider internet


Filaments and vortices invisible in house

Within the creator’s article Acupuncture meridians and the cosmic spider internet it has been famous that astronomers have in actual fact detected a “common internet”. Huge filaments of sizzling fuel tracing the slick had been “seen”. Astronomers utilizing NASA’s Chandra X-ray satellite tv for pc observatory have “seen” the filaments stretching thousands and thousands of sunshine years throughout house, one crossing our personal galaxy. Astronomers say the filamentary constructions are so sizzling that they’d usually be invisible to optical, infrared, and radio telescopes. These filaments join the rotating galaxies and type circuits crossed by currents. Being invisible, they’re by definition elements of “darkish matter and vitality”. They’ll solely be detected not directly by the radiation from the fabric that condenses round them.


Invisible filaments and vortices within the refined our bodies


Simply because the universe generates a community of filamentous currents (or filaments) that play an necessary position within the large-scale construction of the universe, the refined physique of a human being generates a community of filamentous currents – which has been recognized like a community of (acupuncture) “meridians” by the Chinese language and “nadis” by the Indians. These currents are extra formally recognized in plasma metaphysics as “Birkeland currents”, that’s, currents that type when charged particles cross magnetic area traces. These meridians are invisible and type circuits crossed by currents. Nevertheless, they had been detected not directly by the radiation of the fabric injected into them. The massive-scale construction of the universe, with a community of filaments punctuated by rotating galaxies, undoubtedly strongly resembles the community of acupuncture meridians or nadis punctuated by rotating chakras (or vortices) and acupuncture factors. discovered within the etheric elements of the Universe. bodily physique.

Earth’s unexplained electromagnetic area

Blake Levitt, in his e book, Electromagnetic fields, be aware that the pure background pressure will increase with altitude. Between the bottom layers of the ionosphere and the floor of the Earth, there are roughly 360,000 volts; from the highest of the Empire State Constructing to the sidewalks at its base, there are roughly 40,000 volts; and between the pinnacle of a six-foot man and the sidewalk, about 200 volts. On the floor of the Earth, the voltage is round 100. It sounds alarming, however in actual fact, there may be hardly any shock potential as a result of there may be (apparently) no present; it seems to be simply background voltage and static DC fields. Scientists know little or no about this big reservoir of pure vitality – the way it works or what governs it. Very similar to the sample of stress gradients on the biomolecular physique studied by Robert Becker, Harold Burr and others, the sample of stress gradients on our planet is troublesome to clarify – based mostly on present scientific theories.

Maybe, similar to us, the Earth has a refined electromagnetic physique – typically known as by metaphysicians the “physical-etheric” physique. It can be recognized with the darkish matter halo of Earth – as described within the creator’s article Earth’s Darkish Matter Halo. In keeping with plasma metaphysics, Earth’s refined our bodies and darkish matter halo are composed of a magnetic plasma of tremendous (i.e. supersymmetric) particles.

3D-Double Earth

There are two physical-etheric planes and our bodies. The decrease physical-etheric (energetic) airplane is an extension of our home universe – it’s not truly a separate universe. The upper physical-etheric (energetic) universe is a separate universe – though it has the identical spatiotemporal signature as our authentic universe. Because the identify suggests, it’s a bodily universe – and has 3 house dimensions and 1 time dimension similar to its dense bodily counterpart. Nevertheless, it has a better vitality stage, reverse cost, and reverse parity (i.e. it’s spatially reversed – being a “right-handed” universe versus our “left-handed” universe). Particles of matter and power in our universe are mirrored as particles of power and matter (extra huge), respectively, within the larger vitality 3D-Double universe. In different phrases, the Double 3D of the Earth is sort of a bodily dense mirror picture of the Earth that’s usually seen to us. The spatial relationship between the 2 “Earths” might be defined by an analogy: think about a determine on the left web page of a e book and its mirror picture on the proper web page; then fold the 2 pages in order that they’re shut to one another. In keeping with M idea, the 3D-Double universe may very well be categorized as a “3-brane” universe which is “lower than a millimeter from our authentic brane”. On this case, the analogy can be that of two flat branes folded over each other and fewer than a millimeter aside.

The Earth’s 3D-Double in all probability has a “drop” form (just like the bodily dense Earth’s magnetosphere) because of the photo voltaic wind from the physico-etheric Solar. It may be regarded as a (full-fledged) planet in a bodily 3-brane, which shares the identical gravitational area because the bodily dense Earth. Though co-rotating with the bodily dense Earth, being bigger, it has a velocity of rotation which is considerably slower. Subsequently, a day in Double 3D Earth can be barely longer than a day in bodily dense Earth (assuming it’s measured on the identical geometric level on the 2 close by spheres).

Invisible filaments and vortices on Earth


The shells, electrified sheaths and filamentous currents are attribute constructions of magnetic plasma. Filamentous currents are current not solely in house however in our refined our bodies and likewise inside and enveloping each the decrease and higher physico-etheric elements of the Earth. These filaments are what have been known as the “ley traces”, the “dragon traces” or just the “vitality traces” referred to in Chinese language research of Feng-Shui and elsewhere (for instance within the follow known as “Earth acupuncture”).

Earth currents from Birkeland (within the decrease physico-etheric airplane) that encompass the Earth are invisible from its floor, apart from auroral discharges. These currents originate from distant from Earth and enter and exit the higher polar environment alongside the Earth’s magnetic area traces. The currents from house that go by way of the polar areas by way of the auroras proceed within the Earth’s magnetic area traces to cowl the Earth with weak Birkeland currents. These Birkeland currents are the ley traces of the decrease bodily etheric airplane in metaphysical literature. There are additionally ley traces related to the upper physical-etheric physique or the 3D-Double of the Earth. As defined within the creator’s e book Our invisible our bodies, the refined our bodies, together with the orbs (which bear witness to the nuclei related to the refined our bodies), journey alongside the Birkeland currents by redistributing the fees on their our bodies. Ley traces penetrate the Earth (like Earth’s magnetic area traces) – they don’t essentially comply with the contour of the Earth’s floor.

The construction of filaments and vortices has fairly often been characterised as a spider’s internet. Native American peoples known as the community of currents on Earth the “Spider Lady’s Net.” Francis Hitching described the ley traces as “the radial threads of a spider’s internet”. In keeping with Tom Graves, the traces type the “focal factors in an unlimited, multi-layered spider internet considerably harking back to a micrograph of nerve cells and their ganglia” and are “the circulation and nervous system of the physique of the Earth”. Some contemplate the Earth to be a residing being; and like people, the Earth has meridians (filaments) and chakras (vortices).

When the ley traces (or filaments) cross, they “pinch”, collapsing to type nodes with intense magnetic fields, which give rise to vortices (or chakras) inside our planet as tremendous charged particles (reminiscent of qi, prana, and kundalini) rush. utilizing helical or spiral paths. Relying on the path of rotation, vortices can both take up or emit vitality. The vortices that emit vitality are in all probability these which have been recognized as “holy” or “sacred” websites by numerous religious traditions. These websites are additionally typically recognized as “warps” in paranormal literature. This isn’t stunning – simply as just about each galaxy has a black gap (which distorts spacetime) lurking behind it, each chakra on Earth has an intense magnetic node that may have comparable results.

Ley traces, or leys, join historic holy websites, simply as cosmic filaments join galaxies in house and meridians join the chakras of our refined our bodies. Ley traces are literally Birkeland currents. Birkeland currents contain electrical circuits conforming to the legal guidelines of Kirchhoff circuits. Chinese language acupuncture typically describes the varied meridians of the refined our bodies as “microcosmic orbits” or circuits. In the identical approach that an individual might be healed by Chinese language acupuncture, websites on Earth might be healed by “acupuncture on Earth” – which makes the location extra conducive to receiving incoming vitality by multiplying and by widening the tracks.


There are networks of Birkeland currents (or filamentous present networks) within the refined our bodies of the universe, the Earth, and even our personal our bodies. These totally different networks are interconnected – just like the circulatory system of our biomolecular our bodies – with massive arteries related to smaller arteries and capillaries. And similar to the circulatory system, the community distributes and transfers vitality from one level to a different. This kinds a posh vitality system that connects us to the universe. The currents that give rise to auroras on Earth originate from distant from Earth and hook up with the Earth as an entire by way of the worldwide magnetic area. Particular person human vitality techniques are due to this fact an integral a part of the common vitality system.

“The human vitality system is sort of a powerhouse that operates in patterned circuits … This vitality system kinds a microcosm of common vitality patterns that perform as patterns in nature and the cosmos, from the galactic and photo voltaic techniques to mobile, molecular and atomic system of existence. ” -Daniel Reid

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