Do you have to get a static dance stick or a rotating dance stick?

Static dance pole or spinning dance pole? Even if you’re only a newbie pole dancer and have barely scratched the floor of discovering a pole for pole dancing, you’ve got in all probability heard these phrases, however you won’t know precisely. what they imply. We’ll take the thriller out of the decision-making course of and discover the variations between static dance sticks and spinning dance sticks that will help you decide which sort is finest to your wants.

What’s a static put up?

Static poles are what the vast majority of pole dance dancers study. Merely put, static sticks do not transfer whenever you’re dancing. This makes it a lot simpler to study the method correctly.

Everybody ought to study the fundamentals on a static pole earlier than transferring on to a rotating pole.


As a result of it takes rather a lot much less muscle energy and management to bop on a static pole than on a rotating one. You do not have to provide your self a a lot larger studying curve than you could, particularly at first.

A lot of these sticks are inexpensive than their rotating counterparts, however remember the fact that they can’t be upgraded for later turning.

What’s a rotating pole?

In contrast to statics, rotary sticks are constructed to spin along with your physique’s momentum drive. Which means when you’ve got began dancing or spinning, the pole will spin with you.

Generally, your spins would require much less drive to be executed superbly as a result of you’ll have that further assist. After all, dancing like this requires extra coordination, and on the very least, you will have realized to regulate dizziness.

The problem degree and the problem are excessive, however when you grasp this methodology, the sheer exhilaration of the sensation of flying is usually a fantastic feeling for some.

All revolving poles have a mechanism that may make them static, so in case you purchase one you’ll have the choice of spinning or static.

Which one do you have to select?

  • If you’re planning on making pole dancing a severe enterprise for the lengthy haul, then it could be a good suggestion to buy a revolving dance pole.
  • For those who do not plan on severely pursuing the game or if the considered spinning at breakneck speeds makes you sick of imagining it, do not hesitate to save lots of your cash and keep on with a stick of static dance.
  • And naturally, if you’re undecided or need to hold your choices choice, go for a spinning rod as it will possibly at all times be transformed to a static rod.


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