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10 Ayurvedic guidelines for a wholesome intercourse life

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Ayurveda – An historic Indian medical follow, now accepted around the globe, units guidelines for intercourse. Based on Ayurvedic practitioners, these historic guidelines are the important thing to a wholesome intercourse life. To search out out extra, listed below are the highest 10 guidelines mentioned.

Keep away from displeasing companions


Ayurveda demonstrates to keep away from depraved sexual companions with ungodly intentions and soiled genitals. Ayurveda additionally doesn’t permit intercourse with emaciated or overweight individuals. Bestiality shouldn’t be allowed as a result of it’s unhealthy and ungodly. Intercourse with older ladies and youngsters needs to be averted. Don’t select a psychologically and physiologically unfit accomplice.


No loyalty is allowed

Ayurveda dishonours loyalty and infidelity as a result of based on historic scriptures intercourse needs to be practiced out of affection and never out of lust.

Intercourse place

The ancients, like Ayurveda, firmly consider that intercourse is practiced for copy. Thus, it doesn’t assist ladies above as a result of on this place, the sperm couldn’t enter the vagina to impregnate the lady.

No intercourse throughout menstruation

Based on Charaka Samhita – the pious ebook of Ayurveda, it’s talked about that it’s unhealthy to have intercourse throughout menstruation.

No violence

Ayurveda advocates that intercourse be a bond of mutual love and honor. No place of anger, hatred and enmity needs to be displayed throughout intercourse.

No intercourse if you’re hungry or thirsty


Based on Ayurveda, you shouldn’t take pleasure in intercourse if you find yourself hungry or thirsty, because the Vata in your physique which is already elevated could cause gastritis, dizziness, bloating, indigestion and complications. . If you find yourself hungry, the Pita and Vata improve which makes the physique scorching, so keep away from getting hotter due to intercourse.

Keep away from intercourse after meals

Intercourse is train and everybody additionally is aware of you can work out after consuming. Likewise, keep away from having intercourse on a full abdomen. Unbalanced Vata could cause severe indigestion issues.

No oral is allowed

Historic Ayurveda didn’t permit oral intercourse or foreplay (as such). It’s talked about to not use non-sexual organs whereas having intercourse. Later, many got here to the conclusion that oral shouldn’t be a wholesome solution to please intercourse companions based on Ayurveda.

Know the seasons

Based on Ayurveda, the perfect season for love is winter. Individuals have loads of vitality to spend on intercourse. Summer season and wet seasons are usually not supreme for normal intercourse.

Advantages of wholesome intercourse

Ayurveda says that wholesome intercourse offers wonderful reminiscence, nourishment, energy, lengthy life, and so on.

These are the ten finest Ayurvedic guidelines you can profit from.



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